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Financial Support

Through diverse funding programs, Tourism Abitibi-Témiscamingue wants to support and stimulate the visibility and the development of our region. Check the goals and criteria of the programs to see if you are eligible for financial aid for your touristic projects.

Regional Partnership and the Numerical Transformation of Tourism Agreement 

The Regional Partnership and the Numerical Transformation of Tourism Agreement (RPNTTA) seeks to bridge the gap between funding partners and the realization of development projects of the regional touristic offer suiting the priorities of the Frame of Touristic Intervention 2021-2025 - Act Today, Transform Tomorrow and of the Action Plan for a Responsible and Sustainable Tourism 2020-2025

The RPNTTA acts as a lever for sustainable development that aims to maximize the contribution of the touristic industry to the economy.  

The projects must support the following goals: 

Stimulate the regional economy by:
  • The development of an attractive and distinctive touristic offer; 
  • The valorization of an innovative touristic offer; 
  • The development of new niches for touristic businesses. 

Favor the development of a responsible and sustainable touristic offer by: 
  • The adoption of socially responsible practices within the touristic businesses; 
  • The integration of eco-friendly innovating solutions. 

Consult the Frame of Touristic Intervention 

Consult the Action Plan for a Responsible and Sustainable Tourism 

Support for the promotion of festivals and tourist events

The tourist festivals and events sector in Abitibi-Témiscamingue is a strong and attractive tourist product. Press relations give credibility to the festival that develops them and, by extension, to the destination. They also offer unparalleled visibility. In this context, the region’s hoteliers and Tourisme Abitibi-Témiscamingue encourage festival and event managers to develop links with the press and influencers.

Aide financière en tourisme – gouvernement du Québec 

The Government of Quebec provides tourism businesses with programs that support the development of a quality offer. Consult the program. Learn more.

Financial assistance in tourism – Government of Canada

Through its various departments, the Government of Canada offers levers that allow businesses to compete internationally.

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