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Our culture

what moves us, what makes us proud and what makes us who we are

Here, we make culture more and more present and we develop new festivals to make people laugh, dance and create. You will see in our eyes the pride in what we have built and what we thrive for every day. Here, we invent ourselves, with shovels and brushes, with our flowers and colours, with pride as deep as our lakes and creativity as big as our skies.


To the rhythm of the drums

Join the dance that connects human beings with one another and with nature. Pow-wows allow you to meet the Anishinaabe and see what makes them so beautiful: their smiles, their laughter, their colourful regalia and their spirituality.


Art is everywhere

Let yourself be charmed by the vibrant colours of our murals and by the eye-catching uniqueness of the many sculptures on display everywhere. Let yourself be moved by the emotions and sensitivity of our artists through one of our many public artworks.


A unique story

Discover the unique story of our territory, the story of our grandparents and great-grandparents who built the region. The story we still know first-hand, because they were here to tell us.

Découvrez nos artistes

Challenges and joys of regional music

Jacques Marchand a man and his orchestra

En savoir plus fleche
Local music

15 albums by local musicians that will bring music to your ears

En savoir plus fleche

Jacques Baril, sculptor 

He introduces himself as Jacques Baril, sculptor: “Jacques Baril is a local young man who decided quite by accident to come back in the region after 10 years of being away. A young man that wanted everyone to know he was a sculptor, he says laughing. And whom he’s still young, he adds laughing. He is a sculptor and he really chose the Abitibi region as the country he wanted to live in. […]” 

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