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Our territories

Abitibi-Témiscamingue, it’s where we chose to live. Just east of Ontario, between the 47th and the 49th parallels, not completely north of Montreal, as some like to say, but rather to the west of it. It is not merely a place where we stop, in passing, at random. It is the place in the world where we choose to live, to wake up every morning gazing at its immense sky.


Make the difference!

Here, people are not numbers. It is possible to contribute to the community, influence its development and participate in a project greater than oneself.


Opportunities like nowhere else!

Making your name, climbing the ladder, being noticed, it’s possible. You just have to have a forehead all around your head!


A few minutes from a lake!

Leaving the office or the factory and finding yourself on a boat fifteen minutes later. Who says better?

Some live there because they were born there and never wanted to leave; others because they have never felt better anywhere else, and others still because they came to see it and decided to stay. In all, we are about 148,000 inhabitants sharing a 65,000km2 territory. We have plenty of space, great outdoors, and dense forests, but also exciting cities where the culture overflows with creativity. 

It’s a territory that the Algonquin people (Anishinaabe) have known and travelled, from one lake to the next, from one forest to the next, for millennia. A land that our grandparents or great-grandparents have cleared to build cities and villages that are barely 100 years old today. A region we continue to develop together through initiatives where solidarity is as present as it was in the early days. 

Here, we give life to an ever-more-present culture; we invent new festivals to make people laugh, dance and create. You will read our pride in what we have built together in our eyes, a pride we continue to feed every day. Here, we build, using shovels and brushes, with flowers and colours, a pride as deep as our lake, creativity as immense as our skies. 

Abitibi-Témiscamingue is where we are expecting you to share our contagious smiles and to make you discover what makes us fall in love with it over and over again.


Take the pulse of the territory through its peoples’ pride toward the pure water, impressive Byzantine cathedral, local product offering, and refuge for boreal forest animals. Stop to listen to the birds sing through a giant megaphone, dance with the Anishinaabe, and visit the Anisipi theme park. Discover the incredible courage of the settlement nurses and dive into the fascinating history of the early days of Amos.


Discover the majestic beauty of Lake Abitibi by strolling across the covered bridge on Île Nepawa. Climb to the top of an observation tower for an unobstructed view of a breathtaking landscape. Learn the fascinating stories of the builders from those who knew them personally. Marvel at the courage of the fire rangers and experience everyday life in a schoolhouse.


Or so you thought… 


Embark on an adventure and enjoy the tranquility of nature. Uncover a rich past rooted in logging. Meet the Anishinaabe and discover their tale through the history of the fur trade. Participate in a unique type of rodeo and make tantalizing culinary discoveries.


Tour the depths of a mine, canoe down the rivers that have cradled the Anishinaabe for 8,000 years, and trek through the forests in the footsteps of the coureurs des bois. Learn about the territory’s wild history through its museums and take the time to discover great treasures from its cultural vitality to a varied culinary offering.


Stroll around Lac Osisko in the heart of the city. Wander along the main street, which transforms into a festive pedestrian path in the summertime. Visit our unique businesses, from the bookstore bar to the microbrewery. Enjoy one-of-a-kind festivals and meet the creative and innovative folks of Rouyn-Noranda who live here, bring the city to life, and reinvent it constantly.

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