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Public Art Circuit

Works of art that mark our territory 

Outstanding works embellish every part of our region, they sparks our imagination and bring us pride. This route takes you on the discovery of a few of them. During your stay, keep your eyes open, for they are everywhere!

icon Val-d’Or

« Les hommes et la mine »

Adorning the exterior wall of Le Prospecteur microbrewery, this 2016 mural by renowned muralist Omen represents the importance of men in extracting metals from our basement. Where: Microbrasserie Le Prospecteur, 585, 3e avenue, Val-d’Or

icon Malartic

« Promenade des arts Anne-Marie Cadieux »

Along the Belvedere Park, the Promenade des arts is a walking or cycling route. Several works by Abitibi-Témiscamingue artists, Jacques Baril, Diane Auger, Jim Couture, Christian Leduc and Patrick Bernèche, Daniel Boutin Turgeon and Carole Wagner, can be admired. Where: Along the Parc du Belvédère de Malartic (741, rue Frontenac)

icon Senneterre

Indigenous fresco

This work installed at the southern entrance of the municipality of Senneterre since the 1980s aims to honour the presence of indigenous peoples in the territory through the centuries. Originally made by Jean-Pierre Lafrance, the work was restored in 2014 by the Abitibian Paul Salois. Where: At the southern entrance of the municipality of Senneterre

icon Amos-Harricana

artistic fountains circuits

The artistic fountains circuits bring together 16 municipalities in the Amos-Harricana area. Each offers a stop where visitors are invited to stop and rest while admiring the work of passionate artisans and make a wish! Discover or rediscover the territory and landscapes of Amos-Harricana through these fun and accessible circuits for the whole family.

Learn more fleche

icon La Sarre

« Conception d’étincelles »

This mural, designed by Stéphanie Dupré-Guilbert, covers more than 4,200 square feet. The mural is inspired by the company Métal Marquis, a major employer established in La Sarre for 40 years. The mural praises the day-to-day work of workers and the company’s history, from blacksmith to welder today. Where: Métal Marquis 159, 9e avenue Est

icon La Sarre

« Force et courage »

Force et courage is a commemorative work of the centenary of La Sarre, realized by the artist Jacques Baril. Made of pieces of agricultural and forestry machinery, this sculpture speaks of the grandiose work of these percherons and the humans who lived alongside them. The lumber industry is there to talk about the attachment of the people of Abitibi to nature, lakes and forests. Where: Parc Ernest Lalonde, 249, 5e avenue Est, La Sarre

icon Sainte-Germaine-Boulé

« Les Coureurs »

The work of Chrystel Bergeron promotes physical activity, but also pays tribute to a family that represents a pillar in the world of running: the Rancourt. A passion they share from generation to generation. Where: Centre récréatif, rue Principale

icon Rouyn-Noranda

« Des territoires coulés dans nos veines »

The artists Annie Boulanger, Annie Hamel, Valéry Hamelin, Johannie Séguin, Brigitte Toutant and Ariane Ouellet, the mastermind of the project, were inspired by the lyrics of various songs of the famous author-composer-performer Richard Desjardins to create a set of scenes marked by the reality and poetry of the territory. Where: Overpass of Boulevard Rideau, Rouyn-Noranda

icon Rouyn-Noranda

Vieux-Noranda, cultural area

Old Noranda is full of visual surprises. The sculpture Inflexion, on the grounds of the Agora des arts, pays tribute to the guitarists who come to make the city vibrate each May; the murals at the turn of the alleys or on the walls of the shops celebrate the color and spirit of the neighborhood; The work in the centre of the Noranda Hotel and Spa bridge recalls the changes in nature and the changing seasons. Keep your eyes open! Where: Agora des Arts, 37, 7e rue, Rouyn-Noranda

icon Latulipe-et-Gaboury

« Un pont entre deux cultures »

The four works installed on the bridge at the entrance to the village of Latulipe in eastern Témiscamian represent literally a bridge linking two cultures: that of the Anicinabe artist Frank Polson, from the Long Point First Nation, established in Winneway; and that of the citizens of Latulipe-et-Gaboury. Where: Entrance bridge of the village of Latulipe-et-Gaboury

icon Notre-Dame-du-Nord

Regalia dancer

Created by the Anicinabe artist from Timiskaming First Nation, the regalia dancer greets visitors at the community entrance. The sculpture pays tribute to the ancestral traditions of the Anicinabek, the regalia being a dress made and worn by hunters performing during a dance before their departure to ensure an abundant and safe hunt, in harmony with nature and its resources. Where: Rue Ontario, Notre-Dame-du-Nord

icon Laniel

Laniel and its hitory

In the centre of the village of Laniel, there is a large mural with a length of 110 meters by 2 meters high, which traces the history of this place through thirteen scenes. Created in 2012 by Carol Kruger and Francine Marcotte, this immense piece of work skirts the former Laniel railway line, now a walking trail. Where: Old Laniel Railway

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