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Entre Lemoine et l’Arbre

Par Gabrielle Izaguirré-Falardeau

Waking up in the middle of the trees, lulled by the sound of light rain and bird songs. Going outside, on the raised deck, to watch blue jays that are chasing each other in which seems to be a unique form of entertainment. Breathing deeply to enjoy the smell of the woods. That is what awaits Entre Lemoine et l’Arbre visitors, after a night of sleep in the heart of nature, yet within an eightminute drive from downtown Vald’Or. 

Photo : Vicky Neveu

Having grown up in the French countryside, Aksel NielsenKolding has always been a nature and outdoors lover. Although he settled in Montréal when he arrived in Québec fourteen years ago, he followed, without hesitation, the mother of his child to Vald’Or five years later. This choice made sense for the carpenter by training who dreamt of working outdoors, on the field. Now that this goal is achieved, thanks in part to his two years of experience at Pourvoirie du Nord, Aksel is now sharing with others this exceptional access to calm and to the unique atmosphere of the Abitibi forest. 


It took Aksel almost four years to imagine Entre Lemoine et l’Arbre and its various components. He wanted to create an unusual concept of accommodation, in total harmony with nature and its benefits, where people could escape in nature while staying reasonably close to the city. This is how he established, near Camping Sagittaire on the banks of Lemoine Lake, the building site for three cabins on stilts, which are raised between the branches of mature trees. Each one of them can accommodate six to eight people, in a just enough rustic context.  

Photo : Vicky Neveu

Each cabin offers its own atmosphere, so that a person could return to the site several times and live a new experience every time. La Canopée, with wall panels and exterior siding entirely made of rustic wood, is the biggest cabin. Divided in two sections (a dormitory accommodating up to eight people and a common area including a kitchen, a bar and a living room), it has enough room for several people to gather together in comfort. In addition to the 360degree deck around the structure, installations to light a campfire or share meals outdoors are also included, so that you can enjoy fresh air. 

For its part, La Familiale is colourful, inside and outside. With walls covered of children’s drawings, colour pencils at your disposal and a terrace providing wonderful views of Lemoine Lake, this place holds the promise of unforgettable family moments. Furthermore, children’s outdoor playgrounds are expected to be installed next year. 

Photo : Christian Leduc

Finally, La Prospecteur cabin results from a partnership with the microbrewery of the same name, where Aksel worked for three years, forging strong friendships with the members of the team. Visitors are invited to relax in an atmosphere reminiscent of a hunting camp with exterior siding made of old slab wood, a steel roof, and decoration designed as part of this vision. The partnership with the microbrewery could possibly lead to onsite hop growing and to the creation of a beer resulting from the collaboration between the two companies.  


Since the beginning of the project, Aksel had to overcome many barriers along the way. In addition to the pandemic and the restrictions it imposed, a fourth cabin was destroyed by fire as it was being mounted on stilts. These setbacks did not prevent the entrepreneur from holding on to his goals. Aksel keeps the focus on his vision, that is a camp comprising seven cabins. That means that four new cabins are expected in future years.  

He also notes that things are stabilizing and slowly taking off. The proximity to the city allows him to keep his accommodations open all year round and to reach a customer base consisting of tourists, but also workers. This represents a significant advantage.  

One thing is for sure, a stay at Entre Lemoine et l’Arbre is a unique opportunity to come back to basics. Aksel noticed that people experience precious moments that bring them together when they get away from screens, abundance and daily stress for a few days. This totally reflects the opportunity he wanted to give to his clients. “We want to give people the chance to enjoy an experience in nature, while trying to change their habits. We want to raise their awareness of a certain degree of minimalism, showing them that even if they have 80% less things than at home, they can live comfortably.”