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First Swim

When the summer heat begins to build, the first swim in one of our lakes is almost a rite of passage. Only when diving in dense and cool water will you really connect with nature and realize how small we are in the vastness of the landscape.

Festival Season

With fair weather come the good times with friends in one of our many festivals. Enjoy the vibrant energy of our cities, without being too close to one another. Our festivals are the perfect occasion to mingle with the crowds, while staying close to the natural quiet.


Our forests hold tasty little treasures. There are in our woods all sorts of berries, ranging from blueberries to cranberries, from Saskatoon berries to gooseberries, to strawberries, to pin cherries and raspberries, and we eagerly wait for fruit buds to develop. More pragmatic people will be happy to know that some producers also offer pickyourown berries.


There is little light pollution in our region, so we get to see thousands of stars in the sky during the night. During the annual Perseid meteor shower, we get to behold a majestic sight. Lying by the lake, you can contemplate a dozen shooting stars a minute, and make all your dreams come true.

Abundance in Farmers’ Markets

With fall come larger crops. Farmers’ markets overflow with fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition to meeting with friendly local producers, we can enjoy the festive and family atmosphere.

Opening of the Moose and Small Game Hunting Season

The opening of the hunting season heralds nice moments not only for those who consider it a tradition, but also for firsttime hunters, thanks to the comfort of our many outfitting operations and the expertise of their guides. Provided you wear a high visibility safety vest, this is also the perfect occasion to go for a walk (but not just anywhere, be careful) in a colourful forest without mosquitoes.

The Fall Colour Season

Before giving way to snow, the forest spruces itself up and shows its most beautiful colours. This is a good time to go hiking, without flies or mosquitoes. As a bonus, you can feel the nice cool breeze on your cheeks.

Canada Geese Flying South

Although this event is leading up to the onset of winter, we are always pleased to experience the sights and sounds of a flight of Canada geese. Pay close attention to hear the bird song announcing their passage, and take a moment to observe their dance in the sky. Also keep your eyes open to see the great sandhill cranes, which gather together in the fields.






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