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Beginning of Winter Activities

With the first real snowfall, that is when the snow does not melt, we look forward to the opening of winter trails, as well as ski clubs and slopes. Finally, we can take out our winter sports equipment again and stop complaining about the cold. It is way much more fun to enjoy it, and the key is to be dressed warmly.

Opening of Snowmobile Trails

As soon as ice bridges are formed, we can fully enjoy our impressive network of snowmobile trails. We dress warmly to venture freely onto the wide trails that have been groomed by our trail groomers. Along the way, we meet with our friends in familiar clubs and restaurants.

Ice Fishing 

It is time to bring our ice fishing shacks on lakes when the ice is thick enough. These little basic shelters are equipped with wood stoves that keep us warm while we are watching our fishing lines. And, let’s be honest, many of us forget to watch our fishing lines, too busy resting, playing cards or laughing with friends.

Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) 

Let’s face it: you have to stay up late to see northern lights. The most beautiful wonders of the night sky come out when the world is asleep. What better way to watch the colours dance in the night sky than to dress warmly, go out in the middle of the night, and lie on the snow for a moment?

Sugaring Season

After a dormant season beneath the snow, nature slowly awakens. The maple sap, enjoyed by everyone during the sugaring season, flows up in maple trees. Maple is celebrated in restaurants, and we love it! 

Opening of the Fishing Season

The spring ice breakup finally occurs: the thick ice coverage is replaced with still water, as if it was still frozen. It is the opening of the fishing season! Fish bite the baits, and their flesh is tasty, thanks to the icecold water.

Bud Break

Late winter makes us feel a little like animals that cannot wait for the end of hibernation. What a rapture when the snow has melted under the sun and when the buds break! Terrace season begins, and everybody wants to make the most of it!

Arrival of Migratory Birds

Within a few days, sunlight changes and the heat of the sun begins to build. The birds that flew south to escape winter finally arrive and begin their mating dance. The return of the migratory birds, ranging from ducks to rednecked grebes, and from great blue herons to great sandhill cranes, as well as the return of their bird songs, always nurture our love of spring.

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