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Nordvie: Strawberries and other plants

Written by Gabrielle Izaguirré-Falardeau Madeleine Olivier grew up on the family farm in Saint-Bruno-de-Guigues, but, originally, agriculture was far from being in the cards for her: “Like any teenager who grows up on a farm, I thought ‘Yuck! I do not want to be a farmer!’ Like everyone else, I left to study elsewhere, I … Continued

The ice cream route

By Claudine Gagné After supper, parents take their kids in PJs for a mouth-watering cone; workers still in suits make a detour after a long day of work; and teens gather in small packs to order their favourite “slush float.”  These neighbourhood ice cream shacks typically open up at the start of summer, serving up … Continued

Having Fun with Regional Products – Le Prospecteur – Abitibi-Témiscamingue

By Sarah-Emilie Nault Put regional products back in the forefront and enhance the pride of people from Abitibi-Témiscamingue—those are the foundations of Le Prospecteur microbrewery. You can find everything along historic 3rd Avenue in Vald’Or: drugstores, music stores, Italian restaurants, optometrists, banks, a delicatessen, and hotels. All the services are available there. From the sunny terrace … Continued

Savor the region from land to table

When talking about eating locally, it is difficult to do better than eating directly where the food is produced. The stops suggested here will allow you not only to enjoy the region’s gastronomic offer, but also to become aware of the work and the issues related to agricultural production. You will meet interesting people who … Continued