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Whether you’ve always lived here or just arrived, the beauty of Témiscamingue never fails to overwhelm.

Everywhere you look—ahead, behind, right or left—there’s always something magnificent to see: the tall, century-old pines disappearing into the wispy clouds; the reflections on the lakes, like a second sky; and the fields in all their stages and phases—plowed, planted, harvested, and dormant under a blanket of snow. Farm life is omnipresent and stunningly beautiful, transforming the landscape in step with the seasons. 

But the poetic beauty of nature isn’t the only impressive thing about Témiscamingue. Its bounty is also awe-inspiring. Témiscamingue is our wealth, our Mother Earth that the Anicinabek people, who’ve lived here for thousands of years, so lovingly respect. It’s the land that provides us with sustenance and a source of labour. It’s the seat of hidden treasures, its lush forests brimming with savoury mushrooms and medicinal plants. It’s the ongoing source of our renewable energy and the backdrop for all our adventures. 

Living in Temiscamingue

She recounts her love story with Témiscamingue

A conversation with Marie Aubry 

We met with Marie in the house she’s been renting with her sweetheart for the last three years on the shores of Lake Timiskaming. The forty-something French woman radiates happiness and entertains us with her sharp sense of humour. Her journey from Grenoble to Ville-Marie inspired us.

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The Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi du Témiscamingue

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Live in Témiscamingue!

All about Témiscamingue

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