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Izak Borowitsky, master in the art of fishing

“Anyone who loves being outdoors in any weather as much as I do will agree that Abitibi-Ouest (West Abitibi) is the perfect playground. We live surrounded by nature: by ducks and bird of all kinds, by big and small game, and much more. I only go home to sleep and, even so, sometimes I prefer to sleep outside, under the stars.

Here, we have islands and places steeped in history. Don’t miss Lake Abitibi’s Pointe-aux-Indiens (Indian Point) or Lake Duparquet, with the fascinating Mouk-Mouk Island and the one with the thousand year-old cedar trees! Gliding quietly through these places in a canoe is a great way to a sense of Aboriginal history, as this was part of the water route to Hudson Bay.

Abitibi-Ouest has vast, unspoiled tracts of land, but it also has immense lakes and majestic rivers. You can go a long, long way before you have to turn around. I'm sure there are parts of my lake that I don’t know that well, even though I spend a lot of time out there. I love sharing my passion for fishing; it gives me such a thrill every time, even if all I catch is a little yellow perch. It's always fun to see people who haven’t had much experience bringing in their first catch.

Because the land is so vast, when you meet someone you automatically feel curious and want to talk to them. Welcome to our part of the world!”

Come to the Abitibi-Ouest region and be charmed by its picturesque villages and peaceful lakes dotted with tiny islands. It’s the perfect place to appreciate the beauties of nature and to learn about the region’s settlers by visiting covered bridges, historic sites and the innumerable small, square homes, built under the so-called Vautrin Plan. At dusk, the peaceful forests and villages are lit up by majestic sunsets; at night the sky is filled with countless stars, only dimmed by the shimmering Northern lights.