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Photo : Marina Fontaine

Guillaume Laroche, the singer-songwriter, launched this new season on june 24, at Camping Kanasuta. A regular on the site, having already performed many times with his previous band, Vertige, Guillaume was enthusiastic about the show’s formula as they were building the stage: “It’s fun because the people do not necessarily come to see the show, they would not necessarily have bought a ticket, but this opportunity might turn them onto our music and they may want to buy a ticket eventually.” Thus, he was getting ready, in a festive and intimate ambience, giving himself the mission of offering to everyone in attendance a moment to remember: “It’s more about the approach between my songs. Depending on the age of the crowd and their reactions, I will adapt what I say. I do that so that everyone can have fun.” He mentions the precious presence of his musicians, some of whom are long-time friends and colleagues, to help him accomplish his mission by sharing the crowd work from time to time.  

Through a setlist of songs in French only (it was the Saint-Jean after all!), Guillaume and his accomplices gave a remarkable performance. A diverse crowd, composed equally of children as their parents and grandparents, danced under the sun, with a smile on their face, in the perfect June weather. The show’s location being isolated from the city, in the middle of the forest and by a lake, we felt as if we were in a bubble of music and we could let go of our daily worries. The layout of the stage offered a unique proximity with the crowd and we often felt like VIP guests at an amazing family party, which ultimately ended in a warm shower of applause. 

The party will go on.