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Émilie Villeneuve, master in the art of celebration

“Rouyn-Noranda is a place where everything is possible. The people who live here are so energetic and creative that their projects or events are larger than life! The thing I love most about this region is that you’re never far from nature. You can live in the middle of a bustling urban centre or be surrounded by 10,000 people at a festival and then, 10 minutes later, you’re on a beach feeling like you’re alone in the world! One of Rouyn-Noranda’s attractions are its year-round cultural and sporting events, many of which are perfect for families. I love that, because enjoying these activities with my daughter helps me see my region with fresh eyes. When I walk by the Église orthodoxe russe with her, I am amazed all over again at what immigrants built here. I love it when we come across a colourful outdoor wall mural when strolling through the city. Or, I enjoy plunging into the city's history with her, lingering over the artefacts and photos on display at the Magasin général Dumulon. We often go to the MA. It’s a real family-oriented art museum, with high-quality exhibitions, works by international artists, and activities like A Night at the Museum. I think the reason the city is so dynamic and provides so many opportunities for the next generation, is because it's a young city. It was founded scarcely a hundred years ago. That's also the reason why there are such creative projects in the works, across all sectors!”
Rouyn-Noranda offers many urban attractions: it has many venues with strikingly original exhibitions, trendy ethnic restaurants, a micro-brewery, a chocolate-maker and much more! The city’s vast hinterland provides outdoor lovers with innumerable options, from hiking and biking to canoeing and kayaking, not to mention some thrilling treetop adventures. The city is also one of the main access points to that natural jewel, the Parc national d'Aiguebelle.

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