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David Ouellet, master in the art of storytelling

“The region’s inhabitants are eager to welcome you to an unspoiled land with breathtaking landscape that stretches as far as the eye can see. People who visit the Amos-Harricana region don’t just come here for our tourist attractions. They come to experience a culture, because every project we undertake is rooted in our regional identity and inspired by the residents’ amazing creativity. People come here more for the experiences than for the attractions.

The residents of Amos-Harricana are passionate about their region, and they love to find original ways of transmitting that passion to visitors. For instance, when people arrive at the village of La Corne, gateway to the regional county municipality, they are greeted by the sight of a majestic moose standing in a shallow pool. The fountain is made by a local sculptor and is part of an artistic fountains tour, a first in Canada. In the neighbouring village of St-Marc, a giant wrought-iron bee generates a lot of buzz among passers-by.

Some of my own preferred attractions include the Refuge Pageau, a respected wildlife shelter, and the Tommy St-Laurent's Labyrinthe des insectes, a must for budding entomologists. History enthusiasts will not want to miss the play Amos vous raconte and, of course, there’s the beekeeping safari and store selling local products, conveniently located right on our bee farm. Hope to see you there!”

Amos-Harricana residents have a special relationship with water thanks to the eskers found throughout the region. Eskers are ridges of fine sand left by the retreating glaciers that filter and purify the local groundwater. Every summer, the H2O festival celebrates this priceless resource. The festival is held along the shores of the Harricana River, the second-longest navigable river in Canada and a key part of regional life for millennia.

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