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Charity Lacroix, master in the art of bringing people together

"Even if I have travelled across my region many times to participate in pow-wows or basketball tournaments, I still find it as beautiful as ever. Often, the landscape along the road catches my eye and its magnificence forces me to look at it for a few seconds. There are places like this that I can never get tired of.

What I also like is that the people here are just amazing. They are really welcoming. They are also very proactive and always have a new activity to offer. There are so many activities and adventures to experience throughout the region. We never get bored here!

Pow-wows are, of course, my favourite activity. I love dancing and I’m happy to be a member of the First Nations, especially during these celebrations in which everyone participates with pride. We can see in everyone’s eyes—whether they are non-Aboriginal or Aboriginal—the joy of being present, the respect for our values and the gratitude. It is truly important for young people because it is a way of telling them that they are important, that they are loved and that their culture is precious."