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One passion: the art of riding

I have always been proud to live in the Abitibi-Temiscamingue region. It’s my paradise! Here, I have always found everything I need to quench my thirst for freedom, human warmth and urban life. In all of these years, I have never tired of the natural landscapes, their beauty and the innumerable possibilities they offer for outings and visits. For me, the most beautiful way I can think of honouring my region is to tour it by motorcycle. With my adventure bike, the possibilities are endless! Sometimes it feels as though the world is my oyster! I can roam as free as a bird anywhere all these beautiful back roads can take me. I love following winding roads from town to town or diving down a dirt road at the foot of a majestic fir to find calm and serenity there. In moments like those, I have the impression of being part of nature. I live and breathe in harmony with the lakes, streams and forests that engulf me! I take the time to clear my mind, replenish my batteries and just admire nature! The Abitibi-Temiscamingue’s beauty consumes me… Every pore of my skin feels purified by the fresh air and I feel transported by the fragrances on the wind!

Discover it through the back door also!

Dirt roads always offer surprises. They are a challenge and a source of pride. One day, I was heading down the road to Auberge du lac Faillon with my father with the objective of going up to La Tuque. We didn’t expect the kilometres ahead to present such a challenge. But what discoveries we made… what freedom we encountered and what a time we had (a word of advice… always be prepared to repair a flat)! It’s magical to me how we can become one with our motorcycles and cross through wild landscapes to the next town where we’ll finish off the day and I’ll have a beer on a terrace while dreaming of the new trails I’ll have the chance to discover and enjoy the following day! Sometimes I’m afraid one life just won’t be enough to explore my region by motorcycle to my heart’s content, the possibilities seem so endless and each one to surpass the other in beauty. The Abitibi-Temiscamingue region is for me a priceless treasure and a choice destination for motorcycling!