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Sentiers Opasatica: A Gem Less Than Thirty Minutes Away From Downtown 

By Audrée Giroux

The other day, I felt the need to unwind from work and to stop pointing my finger at the world in general. So, I decided to go for a walk in the forest with a friend. Nevertheless, when it comes to relaxing, I am like Momo in the viral video: “Pas le temps de niaiser! [No time to fool around!]” Therefore, I looked for an excursion with quiet, beautiful trails and a view of the water, less than thirty minutes away from RouynNoranda. I finally came across Sentiers du Lac Opasatica, which fully met all my criteria!

Photo by Audrée Giroux

The stunning scenery awakened the artist within from the moment we set foot there. I took out my new Canon R6 camera to capture the beauty of the nature around us: water droplets falling from tree needles, small brooks flowing along rocks, young fern fronds starting to show up. Every turn inspired me to take countless pictures. 

« As for relaxation, the trails provided me a sensory experience that has nothing to envy to the best spas: the scent of melting snow, the refreshing caress of the lake breeze, bird songs, and lapping brooks. How could I not feel good? »


Photo by Audrée Giroux

This itinerary, which took just over an hour, offered us several breathtaking views without putting our mountaineering skills to the test! First, we made it to the top of one of the many Opasatica Lake’s promontories, called “La Dunette,” to have a panoramic view of the lake. There, you can contemplate Mont Chaudron from afar, as well as the beautiful Baie Verte and Baie à l’Orignal. We continued our walk until we reached the pebble beach of Opasatica, still buried under snow. We sat on a big tree root to recharge our batteries and enjoyed a welldeserved snack. 

All in all, this was a memorable day “off”—after all, I took as many pictures as if I had worked eight hours!—and I cannot wait to get on the road again to share with you my next excursion in Témiscamingue’s nature. 

Photo by Audrée Giroux

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