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Agrotourisme and regional flavors

When talking about eating locally, it is difficult to do better than eating directly where the food is produced. The stops suggested here will allow you not only to enjoy the region’s gastronomic offer, but also to become aware of the work and the issues related to agricultural production. You will meet interesting people who are devoted and passionate about the territory and the wealth it has to offer.

L’Éden rouge
Since it started operating in 2005, L’Éden Rouge has distinguished itself by the freshness and the quality of its products. Their most important offerings are the GH tomato, the English cucumber, as well as living lettuce, but the farm also offers a variety of fruit and vegetables, as well as ready-made products (salsa, sauces, relish, raviolis, and others). In addition to offering a visit of the site that concludes with the degustation of a platter of its delicacies, L’Éden Rouge offers to make you live a complete “from pitchfork to fork” experience. The menu designed by the chef, Angèle-Ann Guimond, is adapted to the rhythm of the harvest and the produces available nearby and is offered in a warm and authentic ambiance.

Credit : Hugo Lacroix

The Nordvie farm cultivates raspberries, rhubarb, numerous varieties of strawberries and many vegetables certified organic by Ecocert Canada. The business has been active for more than 35 years and stands out because of the variety they offer, among which we can find numerous original drinks, sometimes fizzy, sometimes alcoholic, always delicious and of an undeniable quality. With roots deep in its Témiscamingue, in Saint-Bruno-de-Guigues, Nordvie produces a fizzy drink that bears the nickname of the inhabitants of the locality: Guizou. By making a reservation, you will be able to go on the farm to pick up fruit and vegetables in a U-pick format, visit the shop and fill up on delightful products.

Verger des tourterelles
For more than twenty years, the Verger des Tourterelles has cultivated a variety of fruit-bearing trees offering apples, currant, grapes, blackcurrant, and many others. Those are turned into ciders, alcoholic liquors, spreads, and syrups. Go on the sites to explore this magnificent location through picking apples, georally, or the berries route. Before leaving, do not forget to drop by the shop! You should not leave without having stocked up on delicious regional products.

Credit : Claudie Ouellet

Evelyne Rancourt and Benoit Larochelle are the two humans behind Boréalait, a dairy plant that turns the milk of its herd of Jersey cows into bottled milk, cheese, yogurt, and other products offered punctually. The enterprise stands out for its ecological concern, as all their products are packaged in glass, including returnable bottles. By going to Boréalait, in Saint-Félix-de-Dalquier, you can visit the shop for fine and local products, to buy promotional articles and, during the summer, enjoy a delicious ice cream. Above all, you are guaranteed to meet a family who loves the region and is mindful of offering the best products possible.

Credit : Évelyne Rancourt

Miellerie de la Grande Ourse
Miellerie de la Grande Ourse has much more than honey to offer. Started from the exploitation of four hives first destined to simply be a hobby, the enterprise now produces, in addition to honey, greenhouse- and field-grown vegetables, raspberries and spirits. By going on the site, you will have the opportunity to visit the honey-production installations and to learn everything about the lives of the bees. The bravest amongst you will be able to put on protective apparel to manipulate the hives. By walking around the site, you will have the opportunity to read a variety of fact sheets, to meditate near the artistic fountain, then to visit the shop presenting the products of the honey farm and many other regional products.

Credit : Réjean Lavoie