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Angèle-Ann Guimond, master in the art of feasting

Témiscamingue, is a vast region stretching to horizon, with rolling fields, deep lakes and beautiful mixed stand forests. Its microclimate makes it special; here we can grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

The region offers many opportunities to those who wish to discover it, including gourmet excursions, many public food markets and several agri-processors. The region is known for its great food and gastronomy.

The Foire gourmande in Ville-Marie is a must-experience event. There aren’t any festivals as big and as beautiful that bring together food producers of Abitibi-Témiscamingue and Northeastern Ontario and offer many food-focused activities. People enjoy eating together. There’s no better way to get to know people, a region or a community than by gathering around a table and sharing a meal. Eating together is a great way to meet people and have great conversations.

I am very proud of my region. The people here are warm and friendly. When they leave the region, we want visitors to take with them a little piece of our pride, a pride we share through the discovery of our culture and history, at Galerie du Rift, Musée de la gare, or T.E. Draper historical site! What we know for sure is that you will meet passionate people in Abitibi-Témiscamingue.”

In addition to its resource-rich lands, Témiscamingue has many lakes abounding with many fish species and forests that are home to a variety of fauna. It is no wonder that the region has fifty or so outfitters where visitors can experience the pleasure of hunting and fishing, enjoy the outdoors, and relax in tranquility and nature, as if alone in the world. Témiscamingue also offers many opportunities to mix with the crowd and experience intense emotional experiences by attending any of our festivals or cultural events such as the Timiskaming First Nation Pow-Wow, the Rodeo du camion or  Festival western de Guigues. They can also discover our history and learn about the presence, since millennia, of the Anishinabe people at Lieu historique national du Fort-Témiscamingue/Obadjiwan.